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Bathroom Lighting, Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Bathroom ceiling lights are an integral part of your bathroom lighting. They are usually the main light source in every bathroom. Thus, it is especially important to pick the right ones. Your bathroom ceiling lights should fit the general design and architecture of your bathroom. Small rooms generally need smaller lights, while larger bathrooms can benefit from bigger ceiling lights. Furthermore, the quality and intensity of the light transmitted by the light fixture also has to be taken into account when choosing an item.

Asco Lights LTD bathroom ceiling lights come in different forms and sizes, and also different types of light bulbs. We offer ceiling lights that come with a polished chrome finish, ceiling lights that are made of clear and frosted glass, and many other kinds. We also offer these products in different shapes. They are available as round shapes or as rectangular shapes, or attached to a swivel bar. We also offer LED lighting that can be used indoors and outdoors.

The ceiling light is often the first thing someone notices when he or she enters the bathroom. If the light is too dull or too bright, it can be distracting and irritating. On the other hand, the right ceiling light can provide exactly the amount of illumination your bathroom lighting needs.

But that is not all. If you let go of the standard, boring ceiling light that does not add anything to the atmosphere of your bathroom, you can make your bathroom and your bathroom lighting quite appealing. Our bathroom ceiling lights always convey a sense of elegance and decent luxury to your bathroom. So if you choose your ceiling lights carefully, they can really enhance your bathroom lighting and subsequently, the way your bathroom looks and feels.

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Light Bulbs

Choosing the correct light bulbs can be just as important as choosing the right fixtures and accessories when it comes to looking at the lighting for your home. Asco Lights range of bulbs have been carefully selected to ensure that you always get the highest quality of light from your setup at a reasonable price. We have selected the most energy efficient bulbs so that your costs are reduced. 

When choosing the light bulbs you need first check the recommended wattage your lighting set up requires then check your bulb matches. We offer a range of bulbs including Candle bulbs, dimmable bulbs, reflector, economy, night light, classic bulbs, halogen bulbs and high power bulbs. 

Candle bulbs give a soft and warm feeling to your lighting setup and are most suited to rooms with darker colours where you want a softer light to invoke a warm and rich feeling. Dimmable bulbs are needed to work with all dimmable systems as otherwise the filament can be easily damage, they are specifically designed to carry a variable current. Our Night light bulbs give off a soothing and warm light that is perfect for relaxing you when you are sitting in bed after a long day. Reflector bulbs are designed to spread and direct light over specific areas, they are mainly useful for floodlighting, spotlighting, and down lighting both internal and external. High power bulbs are designed to maximise the amount of light created and are ideal for light spaces such as kitchens. Classic bulbs, halogen and our economy range are all designed for a variety of everyday uses and will be ideal for most of your lighting needs.

If you need any advice on the correct light bulbs for any of our products don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Lighting Accessories, LED Drivers

Asco Lights is pleased to offer a range of LED drivers and lighting accessories suitable for a variety of uses and needs.

An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that has outputs that match the electrical characteristics of your LED or bank of LEDs. LED’s offer great lighting at very low running costs and are worth considering when choosing your lighting display. Most lights on household appliances etc now operate solely using LED’s as these are the most economic lighting option available.

When choosing the correct LED driver or any of the lighting accessories that go with this for you bear in mind the following things. Firstly you need to assess whether the LED driver is for internal application use, i.e. whether it needs to be integrated to an appliance, or whether it is simply an external hub for your LED needs.  Products such as the 100w 24v DC power supply contain internal open connections meaning they must be fitted within existing systems. They are not suitable for stand-alone LED driver needs. So ensure you purchase the correct driver for your system and that you are clear on how to install it.

Secondly decide how many inputs you require. Our range offers anything up to a bank for 120 fittings so you can choose a driver to suit whatever needs you may have. If you are thinking about expanding your LED array in the future it might be worth considering a larger driver so that you can accommodate growth in your lighting system.

Thirdly many LED drivers also offer dimming through a pulse width modulation circuit (PWM). Some have multiple channels for separate control of individual LED’s or arrays so check that the model you are selecting accommodates your desired usage.

Asco lights range of LED drivers and lighting accessories should provide for any of the LED uses you have but if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Lighting Accessories

At Asco Lights you can browse our full range of lighting accessories chosen specifically to optimise your lighting design and increase the quality of use you can get from your existing light set-ups.

In the sub-sections of our website you can find light transformers designed to reduce light flicker and output the correct voltage for whatever your lighting system requires. Our range covers indoor and outdoor uses as well as dimmer ready transformers and even waterproof ones for pond lighting. We also have a fantastic range of LED drivers which allow you to control huge arrays or banks of LED’s and even just a single LED. We have stand-alone LED drivers as well as ones that install within your existing systems. We have multi-purpose LED drivers and a full range of dimmable ones too. We have a huge range of light bulbs and energy saving bulbs. This range has been carefully chosen by us to ensure that your light bulb quality matches that of our lighting design. The bulbs are all made to a high standard and are energy efficiency certified meaning you get high quality and help the environment.

As well as this we have the complete range of Rako wireless lighting controls which can greatly streamline your entire lighting system into one handy to use wireless box or remote. Being able to adjust the lights in your entire house from one remote or location is a fantastic way to get the most enjoyment out of your house so that you always feel in the perfect mood.

Looking for something else? We have a range of dimmer switches and controls that let you fully adjust the light in whichever room of the house you are in. Complete with storage settings and compatible with your existing switch wiring these are a fantastic way to give you full control over your lighting in every room of the house.

Asco Lights aims to provide you with the best possible service. So if you have any queries or need any guidance on which products are most suitable for you please contact us. We have a team of lighting designers who will be more than happy to deal with your enquiries.

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Commercial Lighting Design

With over ten years’ experience as lighting design consultants for all manner of commercial lighting design clients, no matter what your illumination needs, Asco Lights are the indisputable experts.

From a spectacular expression of your company’s branding and character to the practicalities of compliant luminosity and low-energy lighting, our lighting expert designers are on hand to develop and action your brief, supply or source the best fixtures and fittings, advise on Part L compliance, and project manage the installation where required.

Receptions, meeting rooms, offices, factory floors, hotel lobbies, restaurants, night clubs, or any other space where you do business should represent either your organisation’s individuality or be lit to reflect its function. Our lighting design consultants are professional connoisseurs of light, able to look at a space and know how the room’s natural illumination will fall throughout the day, where and when additional brightness will be required and how lighting sources, colours and radiance can be combined to create the results a client is looking for.

As professional bespoke lighting consultants we can either work directly with clients as innovators and project managers, suppliers and installers; or offer our services as part of a team working with interior designers, electrical engineers, architects and others to exacting specifications.

Whether your space requires decorative or architectural lighting, a cost-effective solution or an expression of shining affluence, our lighting design consultants will work with you to bring your project in on schedule, within budget, and with results that will capture their iridescent flair for the creative.

To speak to a member of our home lighting design team today, simply call us on 0845 2600 268.

Or email our lighting design team on

Asco Lights is a specialist UK lighting company supplying a wide range of high end home lighting products and providing lighting to commercial businesses; the best that European craftsmanship and design have to offer.

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Residential Lighting Design

Asco Lights are experts in all areas of lighting design and home lighting planning. So whether your new kitchen, loft or basement conversion, extension, home office, swimming pool, garden, or any other area of the inside or outside of your home needs a little illumination innovation, our residential lighting design team are here to get creative.

How you light a room can totally transform its look and feel – from a warm soft-coloured glow that creates an intimate cosy setting, to lighting that draws out the character or charm of a feature or piece of artwork, to something brighter and more evenly radiated to give you all the visibility of a sunny summer’s day indoors. But if your space is used for different activities at different times of the day why not ask about mood lighting, which will allow you to choose your room’s ambiance at will? Let our residential lighting design team know what you want and they will create the dramatic, exciting, stunning, flexible or practical solution you’re looking for.

We have a passion for lighting design and we ensure that every one of our lighting consultants is a highly skilled and dedicated craftsman, fully aware of the technical, compliance and aesthetic implications of each project they undertake. For instance, in new-build projects and some home extensions, where strict adherence to building regulations is required, our extensive knowledge of low-energy lighting and Part L compliance can be invaluable to your development team (architects, builders, electrical contractors and so forth).

Whether we’re working on a single room, an entire property refurbishment or the construction of a brand new home, our home lighting design team will be able to offer advice and expertise throughout, from the initial consultation, to the supply or dedicated sourcing of exactly the right light fittings, to the installation and management of the project.

To speak to a member of our residential lighting design team today, simply call us on 0845 2600 268.

Or email our design team on

Asco Lights is a specialist UK lighting company supplying a wide range of high end home lighting products and providing lighting to commercial businesses; the best that European craftsmanship and design have to offer.

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Lighting Design

Let our professional lighting design team bring your space to life.

Light can be warm and inviting, welcoming you home at the end of the day, or vibrant and colourful, allowing your personality or corporate branding to shine through. It can create a natural illumination to encourage productivity in the workplace, be adaptable to the way you use a space, or ecologically friendly utilising the latest in low-energy technology and modern LED lighting. Whether your lighting design demands spectacularly opulent fittings dripping with luxurious jewels or a more minimalist approach, seamlessly incorporating them within the architecture of a room, our professional bespoke lighting design team’s passion for creative excellence will ensure spectacular results every time.

With more than a decade of experience producing the finest in professional lighting design for our residential and commercial clients across the UK, Asco Lights have the expertise to fully appreciate the needs, wants and specifications of our clients, to assist in the development and calculation of lighting design plans, and to formulate innovative solutions to any request a client may have.

We work with homeowners, architects, interior designers, property developers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, electrical contractors, home entertainment and automation companies, corporate clients and anyone else that could benefit from our professional lighting design services. Past projects have ranged from those as small and simple as a single room to those as grand and challenging as an entire newly built office building. And, as well as light design, we can also supply or internationally source the exact light fittings you require at the lowest possible price, we can arrange for or offer advice on installation, and we can project manage the whole process from start to finish to ensure you get the best results possible. We can offer as broad or narrow a service as you require of us, and we’re always here to answer any questions you might have.

The position, luminosity, colour and intensity of the light you choose for your space can totally transform a room, accentuating character features or presenting a space in its best light, creating the desired ambiance or offering a practical and regulation-compliant working environment. Our professional lighting design team’s role is to work with you to achieve the results you’re looking for, or to offer the benefit of years of experience to suggest the best lighting solutions for your space.

To speak to one of our lighting consultants today, or to arrange a visit to our Manchester showrooms to view the numerous design concepts we have on display, simply call 0845 2600 268. Alternatively, to see more about the specific work our professional lighting design team do with residential and commercial clients, visit Asco Lights website.

Asco Lights is a specialist UK lighting company supplying a wide range of high end home lighting products and providing lighting to commercial businesses; the best that European craftsmanship and design have to offer.

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Why use a lighting expert designers for home lighting and commercial lighting?

Lighting expert designers have many qualities that are invaluable when it comes to designing your ideal home or business lighting.  Good designers can examine and identify areas where lighting will be the most effective in your home, within your own lighting design, or at your place of business.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t know where to put your own lights, it just means that a specialist lighting designer can use their vast and diverse experience to advise not only where to put your lights, but how much more effective it could be if you choose the right type.

The average customer doesn’t make it his or her business to know all about the lighting industry, but it’s what lighting expert designers are all about – they know about the most innovative new products, improvements in design, efficiency etc. They will know all the latest designs and lights available at the time of your consultation, what has already been done with them and more importantly, what you can use them for.

Home Lighting

Beautifully lit spaces are the essence of a happy home.  It’s surprising just how much we rely on effective lighting not only to feel comfortable and relaxed, but also to allow us to work and play.  Although there are many effects that can be achieved by lighting design, the two main areas of concentration in the average home will be:

  • Well lit areas for work and/or study.
  • Mood lit areas for comfort and relaxing.

Asco Lights’ designers use their experience to ensure their customers get the perfect balance between comfort and practicality, based on their own specifications; you will be amazed at how they can change the entire ambience of an area into something completely different.

We strongly urge anybody interested in our lighting design to visit our lighting design showroom where they will be able to see our lighting in full effect; there is nothing like a visit to our showroom to realise the full potential professional lighting design could have on your home.

Commercial lighting

At Asco Lights we also recognise the importance of good commercial lighting design, public area lighting design, office lighting design, public bar lighting design, hotel lighting design, swimming pool lighting design with many businesses benefiting from specialist lighting design and for a variety of reasons. Our lighting design for business can optimise or completely overhaul any lights that may already be on the premises, or alternatively if you are opening new premises, we can work with your architects, builders, or shop fitters to ensure that the right effect is being achieved and all goes according to plan.

In our experience we have discovered that the following benefits of good commercial lighting design are not to be under estimated:

  • Lighting design can make your business premises original and appear much more professional.
  • Customers respond well to strategically lit and comfortable environments.
  • Employees are happier in an environment that not only looks comfortable and attractive, but one that is practically lit to make their job easier; using lighting design is sure to achieve the best results.

Why Asco Lights?

Asco Lights differs from other professional lighting designers and retailers in several ways.  In order to offer you the best domestic and commercial lighting design we:

  • Cover the whole of the UK.
  • Supply our products at trade prices.
  • Have a showroom where we display many of our best lighting designs
  • Work closely with a number of manufacturers across Europe, allowing us to recommend a greater range of lighting.
  • Offer a unique bespoke lighting service that allows you to convert your ideas into reality.
  • Work closely with all your contractors on new build properties, using detailed installation instructions and a full consultancy service in order to ensure your lighting design converts from paper to reality as smoothly as possible.

View our home and commercial lighting design service.

Asco Lights is a specialist UK lighting company supplying a wide range of high end home lighting products and providing lighting to commercial businesses; the best that European craftsmanship and design have to offer.

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Lighting Consultancy and Design

Lighting consultancy and design by lighting expert designers is very important.  The answer is firstly that it is only badly designed lighting that puts light where it is not wanted and wastes energy unnecessarily. Better designed lighting is the solution, rather than no lighting at all. Secondly, imagine how drab, depressing and visually uncomfortable our homes and offices would be, if they were only lit by conventional tube lights and light bulbs.

So what is lighting consultancy? Lighting consultancy in essentially understanding how we can apprehend and combine interior designing with different lighting schemes. Our aim is to sit down with the customer and understand his needs, objectives and work out different lighting schemes whilst understanding the flooring, decorative artifacts, colour of walls, furniture layout and deliver the best plan to illuminate his abode in an embellishing way.

We work directly with clients, architects and interior designers aiming to approach a brief budget with a well planned design and the best and most relevant lighting technology. We are an Independent consultancy, whilst selecting our lighting from the renowned designers and manufacturers from the UK, Europe and beyond.

Asco Lights was established in 2002 to serve specific needs who require advice, design, technical and managerial support in relation to all aspects of exterior and interior lighting in public and amenity areas. We possess an explicit knowledge of the latest products including all the modern low energy designs and automatic lighting control systems so that we can help you to create an efficient and low maintenance design for your asset.

We have included almost all the products on our website and will work with our clients to develop an understanding of their requirements and recommend the well-suited scheme. We are:

  • Proficient in lighting planning – creating a lighting scheme.
  • Producing great lighting effects.
  • Efficient cost estimation per room.
  • Full electrical positions and loading plans.
  • On site assistance

View our lighting design service by lighting expert designers.

Asco Lights is a specialist UK lighting company supplying a wide range of high end home lighting products and providing lighting to commercial businesses; the best that European craftsmanship and design have to offer.

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The Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is a gauge of your CO2 emissions or the impact your activities have on the environment measured in carbon emissions, it is measured in units, tonnes or kg of CO2. Our carbon footprint is mainly produced through burning fossil fuels for heating and transportation, but also in the production and shipping. We can reduce our carbon footprints with carbon offsetting.

A carbon footprint is made up of two parts: your direct carbon footprint, the things you do directly like drive a car , and your indirect carbon footprint, things like the energy used in shipping goods to your home.

  1. The direct carbon footprint is a measure of our direct emissions of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels including domestic energy consumption and transportation (e.g. car and plane). We have direct control of these. These are easy for you to change immediately by cycling, car sharing or taking holidays at home. You can offsett your carbon footprint with carbon credits.
  2. The indirect carbon footprint is a measure of the indirect CO2 emissions from the whole lifecycle of products we use – these are generally associated with their manufacture and eventual disposal. We can offset these by changing suppliers, reducing how much we buy or carbon credits.

A carbon footprint is “the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event or product”. For simplicity of reporting, it is often expressed in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide, or its equivalent of other GHGs, emitted.

The concept name of the carbon footprint originates from the ecological footprint discussion. The carbon footprint is a subset of the ecological footprint and of the more comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

An individual, nation or organisation’s carbon footprint can be measured by undertaking a GHG emissions assessment. Once the size of a carbon footprint is known, a strategy can be devised to reduce it, e.g. by technological developments, better process and product management, changed Green Public or Private Procurement (GPP), Carbon capture, consumption strategies, and others.

The mitigation of carbon footprints through the development of alternative projects, such as solar or wind energy or reforestation, represents one way of reducing a carbon footprint and is often known as Carbon offsetting.

Several organizations have calculated carbon footprints of products; The US Environmental Protection Agency has addressed paper, plastic (candy wrappers), glass, cans, computers, carpet and tires. Australia has addressed lumber and other building materials. Academics in Australia, Korea and the US have addressed paved roads. Companies, nonprofits and academics have addressed manufacture and operation of cars, buses, trains, airplanes, ships and pipelines. The US Postal Service has addressed mailing letters and packages. Carnegie Mellon University has estimated the CO2 footprints of 46 large sectors of the economy in each of eight countries. Carnegie Mellon, Sweden and the Carbon Trust have addressed foods at home and in restaurants.

The Carbon Trust has worked with UK manufacturers on foods, shirts and detergents, introducing a CO2 label in March 2007. The label is intended to comply with a new British public available specification (i.e. not a standard), PAS2050, and is being actively piloted by The Carbon Trust and various industrial partners.

Asco Lights offer energy saving lights, energy saving wall lights, energy saving ceiling lights, energy saving floor lights and energy saving bulbs.

Asco Lights is a specialist UK lighting company supplying a wide range of high end home lighting products and providing lighting to commercial businesses; the best that European craftsmanship and design have to offer.

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